It is amazing, in the constant debate over same-sex marriage, that the most obvious fact is rarely stated—same sex marriage results in sterility.  Same sex couples are completely unable to give birth themselves.  Do we have an interest in whether or not there will be a next generation?  Should we be fostering a life-style that would, if accepted by all, result in the complete annihilation of the population of the United States of America within one generation?  The word “nation” comes from the Latin “natus”—meaning “that which has been born.”[i]  If there is no nativity, there cannot be a nation.  One thing certain about same-sex marriage: there will be no nativity.  If the purpose of government is to secure the well-being of our Posterity, as stated in the Pre-amble to the Constitution, then our generation can legitimately ask: How well is our government doing in achieving that goal?

Were there a rampantly contagious virus that caused sterility medical researchers would make their best effort to eradicate it.  The afflicted would be objects of deepest sympathy by those who had escaped.  The scientists and doctors who succeeded in stopping the plague would be honored more than any others.  Yet today we see our government leaders fostering same-sex marriages—which will have exactly the same result as the virus—and smilingly self-congratulating themselves on this new victory for tolerance.

Admittedly there is a fraction of the population that would prefer for no babies to be born.  Extreme environmentalist would like to see America turned back to the pristine wilderness of pre-historic times—when mastodons ruled supreme.  Of course a country like that, with no roads, fertilizers, and sewage disposal would support only a tiny population, all living in abject poverty.  There is a less extreme fraction that would prefer a declining, or at most, a steady population who are pleased that many adults are choosing not to have children.  They certainly do not want to encourage child birth.

No matter what proponents of a smaller population would prefer, however, someone is going to inhabit the North American continent in the future.  The question is: Who will it be?  Obviously they will not be descendants of those not having children.  If our whole nation chooses not to have children, then the future of America belongs to the other nations who will come to inhabit this land.  It is a simple as that.  The future of America belongs to people who have children.  There is one, currently pre-dominant, group in America that is already disappearing.  Reportedly the birth rate among non-Hispanic Caucasians (let’s call them Gringos) has been below population replacement rate for thirty years.  Current news confirms that the number of babies born to these Gringos is now less than a majority of new births.[ii]  This demographic trend is even more pronounced for their cousins in Europe, where the rapid drop in population will cause European countries to lose tens of millions of workers in the next couple of decades.  Who is going to do the work?  Who is going to pay the taxes?  Who is going to fight the wars?  Who is going to take care of the elderly?

Americans have far more income than most in the world.  Flying across America proves there is almost unlimited space for population growth.  What is causing this decline?  It certainly is not natural.  Reproduction is part of the definition of life itself.  Even viruses reproduce.  The life cycle of all plants and animals reaches its culmination with reproduction.  Something abnormal is happening when whole countries and cultures choose not to reproduce.  One of the main causes is bad government.

People carry cultures.  Englanders moving to America created a New England, with its priceless traditions of rule of law and representative government.  The decision to curtail the birthrate of any given population group is a decision to eliminate the influence of that group’s culture.  As the Christian population of Europe declines and is replaced by Moslems, an Islamic culture will replace traditional European values.  In Brussels, the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.[iii]  Some would welcome that change but, welcome or not, it is inevitable as people with one culture replace those with a different one.  The ultimate failure of any culture is the failure to reproduce.  Failure to reproduce in nature is the last characteristic of a failing species—one about to become extinct; to be replaced by one better able to prosper in the environment.  Like it or not, same-sex marriage is a defeat for our traditional culture and an open arms welcome to those who will replace it.

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