This is a pretend story.  It never happened, but it could have.  The time is early 1939 when persecution of Jews was widespread in Nazi Germany–the concentration camps were opening–but before World War II broke out.  Klaus, from Germany, has come to visit his American cousin Emily.

Emily: Klaus, you keep telling me how wonderful Hitler is and how he has revitalized Germany, but I don’t understand how you can be Nazi.

Klaus: I am proud to be Nazi.  Being Nazi is the future.  Being Nazi we can eliminate anything that could interfere with achieving our great goals.  I have come to explain to you, Emily, we can find common ground; we can work together.  You can come to accept the goals of the Nazi Party.  The Party is doing so many worthwhile things in Germany.

Emily: But what about Jews?  I’ve heard what terrible things the Nazis are doing to Jews.  How can anyone do those things?

Klaus:  You must realize, Emily, that Jews are not really people.  The leaders of the Nazi Party have determined they have no rights as people.  They are actually a hindrance to what I, as Nazi, can accomplish.  You have to stop thinking of them as people.

Emily:  How can you say that?  They are obviously people.  They have their own DNA, their own blood type, their own bodies, their own feelings.  They are individuals with as much right to live as any Nazi or anyone else.  It is true Jews have faced great struggles in life, but many have achieved great things.  You cannot justify the horrible things you are doing to Jews simply by creating a contorted definition of what is a person.

Klaus:  If Jews were permitted to live normally and thrive, they would take resources and opportunities from us.  We cannot permit anyone to hinder our self-realization.

Emily:  Doesn’t your natural tenderness keep you from persecuting Jews so mercilessly.  Doesn’t your basic humanity teach you to want to preserve and accept Jews as one more addition to the human race?

Klaus:  Emily, you don’t understand.  The heart of being Nazi is to put aside those soft, tender feelings that make us weak.  I must be strong, single-minded, even heartless, to be Nazi.

Emily:  Klaus, you were once a Christian.  I know you are familiar with the Bible.  Don’t you fear that by so cruelly oppressing Jews, who are prophesied to do such great things,[i] you are offending God?  Are we not all children of God?

Klaus:  I have learned to disregard any scriptures that don’t support the teachings of the Nazi Party.  You must not let your belief in religious myths interfere with progress.  How can you believe scriptures that prophesy someday the Jews will return to Jerusalem?  Even God couldn’t make that happen!

Emily:  Don’t underestimate God.  If you can hate Jews, who can you not hate?  If you will sacrifice Jews for your personal comfort and selfish goals, who will you not sacrifice?

Klaus:  Don’t be such a fanatic defender of Jews.  Do not stand in the way of we who are Nazi.  Work with us to find common ground now so we can cooperate on more important issues.  Don’t make the welfare of Jews such a big deal.  Move with the times; come out of the Dark Ages.  Face it, Emily, someday all Americans will be Nazi.

Emily:  I hope not.  I am a defender of humanity, including Jews.  Better the day should come when all Americans were defenders of the Jews because they are humans entitled to be treated as humans.  There really is no common ground between someone who is Nazi and those who, like me, cherish life and all living beings, including Jews.

NOW, REREAD THIS STORY, BUT EVERY PLACE THE WORD “JEWS” IS USED, SUBSTITUTE THE WORD “UNBORN BABIES.”  EVERY PLACE THE WORD “NAZI” IS USED, SUBSTITUTE “PRO CHOICE” (an intentionally misleading euphemism for PRO-ABORTION).  The sad truth is that the story is really not about Hitler’s Germany, but about modern America.  Reject the euphemisms—whether “pro-choice” or “women’s reproductive rights”—they are simply camouflage for what abortion is, undeniably and unequivocally: THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN LIFE.  When it came to the Jews, Hitler was “pro choice.”

[i]  Deuteronomy 30:1-3; Isaiah 62

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